Blog Lambjacked!

Hello! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve decided to help my human mom out by getting her blog started.

Before I get too carried away, let me introduce myself.  My name is Zuma, and I am a Karakul-Jacobs cross lamb.  I was born April 16th.  I’m currently being bottle raised by my human mom, Callene, since my sheep mom, Aztec wasn’t able to produce enough milk for me.  My human mom is pretty good with sheep, and she was able to get me off to a good start, and I’ve gained almost three pounds in ten days!  I think I’m pretty gorgeous.  My aunts Kathy and Danielle helped pick out my name, something about Montezuma’s Revenge, and my mom’s name being Aztec, I admit I don’t quite understand it,  but that’s okay.

I'm Zuma and I'm a hottie!

My human mom is a writer, and she needs to get this blog started in order to build her “platform” (I’m not sure what that is, I get weighed on a platform scale, but I don’t think it’s the same thing.) and get a following built up.  ( I follow my sheep mom around, but again, don’t think it’s the same thing.)

My human mom is really busy and she’s had a hard time getting this blog off the ground. ( I also think she’s a bit scared, but I didn’t want to tell her I knew that.)  She works as a zookeeper, 50 plus hours a week, and then comes home every day to more work on the farm, where I live.  She loves animals and doesn’t mind, but there isn’t a lot of time left over.  (She’s never missed one of my 4 am feedings, though! She’s got this great outfit she wears early in the morning!)  Mom thinks she’s probably nuts to want to be a writer on top of everything else going on, but it’s really all she’s ever wanted to do, so I told her to keep up with it.  We talk a lot while I’m taking my bottle.  Okay, mom does most of the talking, I’m busy eating, but you get my point.  I’m a great listener.

Mom’s earliest memories revolve around animals of some kind, mostly horses, but a lot of other things too.   She used to teach riding lessons and train horses, but she claims she’s getting too old for that stuff anymore.  She had a bad accident, involving a cow, and decided she’s much more breakable now than when she was twenty.  (I don’t know what that is in sheep years.  I think she still looks great, especially when she is bringing my bottle.)  Anyway, too much to do, too little time, but she still won’t give up on being a writer.  ( I hear she’s pretty tough, a couple of EMT’s and her boss were very impressed the day the cow got the best of her! Supposedly she’s got this awesome set of xrays but I haven’t seen them.  The chickens were telling me about it. They like to gossip.)

So, I thought I would help out by posting when she doesn’t have time.  I can introduce you to some of my friends here on the farm, tell you what’s new and let you know what things look like from a lamb’s eye view.  I know horses are another thing that mom loves, as much as she loves me, (why else would she get up at 4 am? Goodness, that’s early!) because there are a bunch of horses that live here too.  And some other sheep, and a big goofy white dog that barks at butterflies, some chickens, a whole bunch of rabbits, and probably a lot of other things I haven’t seen yet. Some of us are actually what mom calls “rare breeds”.  I’m going to have to look into that a bit more and I’ll get back with you.

Oh, shoot!  My sheep mom is calling for me, so I better get back to learning to be a good sheep.  I hope we can talk later!


HEY!   Why are there lamb tracks in milk replacer all over my laptop!?  ZUMA!  You are in so much trouble.  That’ll teach me to leave my laptop at the barn, with the internet on.  Sorry guys, hope she wasn’t too much trouble.  Lambs these days, I swear. What’s next, Skype?



10 thoughts on “Blog Lambjacked!

  1. curiocat says:

    Montezuma’s Revenge. Zuma. Cute. What a fun blog. I’ve enjoyed it.

  2. Callene – you should hire that lamb – she’s a great writer!

    Love the blog and looking forward to meeting more of your hooved friends


    I’m so excited to learn you (er, Callene) trains horses! I did too…back in the not-so-breakable days.

    That is – seriously – THE CUTEST LAMB I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!!

    Good job. Super proud of you.
    Now do it again!

  4. Your lamb is adorable & smart – great title “lamjacked”! 🙂

  5. What a cutie Zuma is!

    Great post, Callene. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Zuma and her human mom!


  6. Shellie Sakai says:

    YEAH! I love Zuma. Such personality. 😀

    Callene, what a wonderful start to your blog. Hope we get to see more pics of Zuma as she grows up! And she is a little hottie!

    Again, great job! Tell Zuma she makes a great ghost writer.

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