ROW 80: Re-evaluating goals!

I think I need to re-evaluate my goals.  I haven’t gotten word one written since I signed up on the 5th.

I have several good excuses.

Between my full time job as a zookeeper, and our farm, I work the equivalent of two full time jobs, and especially in the summer, 14 hour work days are the norm.  If I want to get enough sleep to keep me from turning into the She-Beast that Caffeine Could Not Soothe, it doesn’t leave a lot of time left over.  It also doesn’t leave a lot of energy left over.

The weather lately has been brutally hot, and with a plethora of critters literally depending on me for their survival, keeping animals alive and cool trumps getting words on the page. (Hutchinson, KS had the dubious distinction yesterday of being the warmest spot in the nation, 112 degrees.  I think that temp is only a few degrees lower than a slow oven, isn’t it?)

So, busy and frequently overwhelmed are my steady state, but that is more of an excuse than anything.  I know there are writers out there that work twice as hard as I do, and have less time.  They’re called parents.  One thing going in my favor is that everyone in my house can do their own laundry and make their own PB&J if they are hungry.

But I do think there is a bigger issue than simply a lack of time, although that is a legit factor.  I’m thinking partly a lack of focus when I do get short blocks of time, and partly thinking perfect prose has to flow from my fingertips every time I hit the laptop conspire to trip me up more often than not.

So, for the rest of July, I’m backing off my goal of 500 words.

Instead, my goal is to write every day, a minimum of 80 words.  (seemed to fit!)  And to give myself permission to write badly if necessary.  Even if all I write is “Good Lord, it’s hot out!” sixteen times.

Do any of you struggle with time management and focus issues? If so, I’d love to hear about what has worked for you.  I know there are some awesome, highly disciplined folks in this group and maybe a little will rub off!

Take care,



6 thoughts on “ROW 80: Re-evaluating goals!

  1. Sarah says:

    I know exactly how you feel! At first, I thought my goal would be easy, then I realized just how little time you get working two jobs. So I’m right there with you! A way that I try and diffuse my own personal lack of focusing is using whatever you are doing as an inspiration for whatever you are putting on the page. Like you said, writing “Good Lord, it’s hot out!” sixteen times is still writing something.

    You never know, that one phrase could spark an entire nights worth of writing.

  2. I definitely believe in the baby steps concept. I made my goals small enough that they didn’t overwhelm me. So far, I’ve done a lot more than I planned but I am still keeping my goals smaller so that I can stick with them. It’s gets pretty hairy around our house sometimes.

  3. Hey, Callene!

    You are a very busy woman. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t get anything written.

    I do like how you’ve adjusted to try and meet your goals this week. Absolute best of luck! But you know what the most important thing is? That you write and feel good about it. No matter how many words you put down. Have a great week!

  4. I have a hard time focusing, too. I sit and fiddle around and dither with this and that before I finally get going. It drives my family nuts cause I’m that way with everything. What I have to do is sort of have it set in my mind while I’m doing other things. That way I have the fidgets and dithers worked off. If that makes since.

    BTW, I’ve given myself permission to do as little as 50 words per day. That seems to work for me. I agree with Tiffany, don’t beat yourself up. You’ll get there.

  5. You’ve got an engaging and natural way of expressing yourself! The more we do the better we will get so, as the other #Wann711-ers have said, don’t beat yourself up. I really like the loglines you have chosen so far. Onward!

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