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Food For Thought: Say Cheese!

In honor of one of my favorite food groups, cheese, and as preparation for The Goat Road Trip Story, which will be posted Monday, here is an hilarous short video featuring some talking goats pronouncing those strange sounding French cheese names.  The only thing missing is some samples…

Row 80 Check in

Better week this week.

Still working on getting the kinks ironed out of the whole blogging thing.  Summer was definitley the wrong time of year to try to start blogging again, lol!  Thanks much to everyone who is following my sputters and starts, and a whole bunch of love to the WANA 711 clan for all the help and support.  I couldn’t do it without you!

I’ve been meeting my writing goals every day.

I got my evo turned in for WWBC, and am looking forward to the comments and feedback.

I’m getting better about making the blog rounds and checking in with folks and am loving the feeling of community.

After sweating and psyching myself out for two weeks, I sent five queries to a magazine editor.  They responded that they are interested in three of them.  * Note to self:  Sometimes it’s a good idea to get the heck out of your own way!

How about the rest of the ROW 80’ers?  How are you all doing?  Some of you are making awesome word counts, congratulations!

Take care, and thanks again to all of you for your support.

Food for Thought Friday

Welcome to the first edition of Food for Thought Friday!

As many of you may know, as a farmer, food in all it’s edible deliciousness is very important to me; including the issues regarding production, consumption and above all, health.

But Food for Thought can also encompass a lot of other things, things that make you go “hmmm…”

This first post falls into the later category.  This article has some interesting points, some of which I agree with absolutely, and others I’m not entirely convinced of, but it definitely makes you go “hmmm….” after reading it.

14 Signs that the Collapse of our Modern World has Already Begun

It kind of made me think the next project for us may be a bee colony.

On a lighter and cuter note,  Hurricane Irene has a cute new namesake!  Anytime a domestic born in a zoo makes the national news its chest thumping time for me.

And speaking of domestics born in zoos, welcome to our new baby Poitou donkey here at the Sedgwick County Zoo!  Now thats some snugglerifficness there!  The Poitou is one of the rarest breeds of livestock in the world, and we are the only zoo in North America that has successfully bred and raised them.

Baby Poitou foal!

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend.  And if any of you want to join me in my new beekeeping venture, give me a shout!


ROW 80 Check in

I’m a day late, but still chugging away!

I had a rough week at work this last week.  I feel like I got thrown under a bus.  Actually, I feel like I got thrown under a bus being pulled by a train, and followed by a dogsled carrying a load of angry howler monkeys.

I have met my writing goal of the 80 words daily though,  but I did use my writing time one day last week to write out a three page manifesto of why I thought our CEO had made one of the most craptacular decisions of all time.  Yes, I signed it and gave it to him.  Yes, I still have a job.

If Stephen Pressfield is right, and the closer you get to the thing you are actually meant to do, the more the universe pukes up obstacles in your path, then this writing gig is mine, LOL!

If you haven’t read Pressfield’s War of Art, I can’t recommend it enough.  I think I may run to my poor local Borders over lunch and see if I can still find any of his fiction. Buying books always makes me feel better.

Do any of you have any strategies for keeping in the groove when life hands you lemons?  Or any good lemonade recipes that work well with rum when nothing else works?  I’d love to hear about them.  Especially the strategies. Okay, the recipes.

Take care, folks and thanks for stopping by!