Row 80 Check in

Better week this week.

Still working on getting the kinks ironed out of the whole blogging thing.  Summer was definitley the wrong time of year to try to start blogging again, lol!  Thanks much to everyone who is following my sputters and starts, and a whole bunch of love to the WANA 711 clan for all the help and support.  I couldn’t do it without you!

I’ve been meeting my writing goals every day.

I got my evo turned in for WWBC, and am looking forward to the comments and feedback.

I’m getting better about making the blog rounds and checking in with folks and am loving the feeling of community.

After sweating and psyching myself out for two weeks, I sent five queries to a magazine editor.  They responded that they are interested in three of them.  * Note to self:  Sometimes it’s a good idea to get the heck out of your own way!

How about the rest of the ROW 80’ers?  How are you all doing?  Some of you are making awesome word counts, congratulations!

Take care, and thanks again to all of you for your support.


8 thoughts on “Row 80 Check in

  1. Way to go, Callene! One of the inspirational posts this Round was “get out of your own way,” and can I hear an amen! LOL.

    The blogging is new for several of the participants, so you’re not alone in spurts and starts. It sounds like, despite everything (including yourself, and I hear you there!) you’re doing very well!

    ROW80 is such a great community, and I’ve met so many great people. I hope you have a great rest of the week

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth! You are right, you definitely heard an amen! It’s so easy to be our own worst enemy, isn’t it?

      ROW80 is great, and it’s amazing how many genuinely wonderful people are in this community. Writers rock!

      Have a great week yourself!

  2. Naomi Bulger says:

    Wow! Blogging, writing goals met, queries sent AND some success, I am impressed!! Now I need to stop reading blogs and get a wriggle on myself. You’ve inspired me.

  3. Hartford says:

    You are doing GREAT Callene!! It’s tough balancing everything with life, jobs, writing goals and blogging. You are having tons of success so enjoy that and feed off that momentum! The rest will come. Stick with it and remember to have fun!

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks, Natalie! Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning plates, just waiting for them all to come crashing down, lol! And I know I’m not alone. But the days when you feel like you are keeping them all spinning perfectly even for a few minutes are fun!

  4. Congrats on the queries!!!

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