Row 80 Check in 2

A short and sweet check in for Sunday.

Never miss a check in:  2 for 2!

Write 500 words per day:  Didn’t make my goal for last week.  But, I have 500+ for today so I’m off to a better start this week!  500 word a day is a bit of a reach for me right now, but it’s where I think I need to be in order to make any progress toward the other goals.  So, I expect it to be tough and have some ups and downs, but I don’t want to back off from it.

WWBC:  Did not get anything turned in last week.  Will do better this week.

Non fiction:  Have gotten off to a good start with the production manual.  Want to keep the momentum going this week!

Blogging:  Still need to work on this one.

Taking care of myself:  Hit the treadmill three mornings last week.  Aiming for 4 this week, and although I will be out of town this coming weekend, I should be able to find some place to do a few jumping jacks if nothing else.  Diet was a bit more of a bust, the donut fairy visited work this Saturday, and my will power went south like a flushing toilet.  Back in the saddle on Monday.  (Sunday is pizza and football day.)

Self Study: Chipping away at my book, and I hope to post a review when I’m done.

Accountability Partner:  Waves at Barbara!  Yo, RowSista!

I’ve added a new goal:  I’m truly touched and impressed by the nubmer of people who have stopped by to encourage me.  My goal is to during the course of the 80 days, to drop by and introduce myself to everyone in the challenge, and give a little love back.

Writers are the most awesome people on the planet!

Take care and hugs, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Row 80 Check in 2

  1. Good work this past week, Callene–while you didn’t nail them all, you are making some progress on a lot of them. I totally agree with you about this wonderful group of writers; I know from my sponsor duties what a great group it is! Please do hop around–everyone will be glad to meet you. I laso find it fascinating what everyone is doing.

    Have a great week, Callene!

  2. Susan A. says:

    Well, you may not have met all your goals this past week, but at least you look to be trying. I originally thought to have a goal of 500 words a day, but realized it was a bit much for me. There are weeks where I can manage 8000 words and others where I’m doing good to get 1000 in. I set my goals a bit lower just so it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t meet them in a particular week.

    It’s great that you’re including exercise in your goals. I need to do that, but don’t have the motivation. I’m not much of a junk food fan, and only snack on the bad stuff once in awhile, so that isn’t a problem. Yet I know it is for some people. My father just let me and brother eat so much of it as teenagers that the stuff doesn’t appeal to me much anymore.

    I’ll look forward to seeing how you do in this next week!

  3. Hey Callene! I love the doughnut fairy! She tempted me this weekend at a conference but I held out for. . . the Cookie Monster. Ah well. . . it was fun while it lasted. {stop to search for crumbs lurking in keyboard}.

    Love you new goal. Sounds like one I should adopt as well. Thanks for the idea! 🙂 Good luck this week!!!

  4. Yo yo! Your ROWSis is wandering by. 🙂

    I’m with you in not meeting everything this week and see it as a great learning lesson on why the goals are important/needed and what worked and didn’t. Great job with the exercise! I see your other goals as doable if completed slow and steady like a piece each day. 🙂

  5. Callene, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you to stay on track. Looks like you did quite well on your word count this time so that alone earns you a pat on the back 🙂
    I didn’t complete all my goals last week so I need to work extra hard now!

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