Row 80 Check in 3

Three for three!  Woot!

500 words:  Not quite there, but still on target for 3500 and definitely better than last week!

WWBC:  Just turned in my evo.  My muse showed back up last night, doing the walk of shame, racoon faced and high heels clutched in her hand.  Didn’t ask where she’d been, not sure I want to know.  But after a good nights sleep and some coffee, she actually showed up for work this morning and contributed some decent stuff.

Non Fiction:  Will work on that now that the evo is done.

Blogging:  As God is my witness, I will have something other than a check in before the next check in!

Taking care of myself:  I made a conscious decision to skip the treadmill this morning in order to get reaquainted with the muse.  Funny, since it was a conscious decision, I’m not beating myself up about not hitting the treadmill, and I know I can jog up and down the stairs at work a half dozen times over lunch and have a win-win. 

Self Study:  Still hanging in there.

Barbara!  How’s it going, girlfriend?

That’s it for now, kids.  See you Sunday, if not sooner!


4 thoughts on “Row 80 Check in 3

  1. Love the check-ins! Yeah, you probably don’t want to know where you muse was, but as long as she showed up and gave something good – who cares! That was hilarious, by the way.

    Keep up the fabulicious work Callene!

  2. Hartford says:

    LOVE your muse story – she’s a dirty little hussy, isn’t she?! LOL!
    GREAT job – you are doing ahhmazing – keep it up Callene!! Woot woot!!

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