ROW 80 check in # 4

Made 4 for 4 in check ins, but that is the only progress since wednesday.  I was travelling and completly underestimated the time I would have to work on anything.

And, thanks to Air Tran’s recycled airplane air, I caught a nasty cold and the lack of oxygen is severely hampering my ability to do anything but whine.

So, I’m taking a shot of NyQuil followed by a shot of bourbon, and heading for bed.

In the meantime, you may notice I changed my blog theme.  Thumbs up?  Thumbs down?   Love to hear from you all.

Have a good start to your week, and I’ll see you all on Wednesday.



6 thoughts on “ROW 80 check in # 4

  1. The new blog theme looks fab! Speedy recovery!

  2. Hartford says:

    LOVE the new blog theme – ultra cool. Easy to read. Sultry and elegant. I really like it.
    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well at all – that sucks! I seem to ALWAYS get sick when I fly so I feel for you…no fun…here’s to a speedy recovery and a better week ahead…cheering you on!!

  3. *ROWsis riding by with a mask over her face* Just a precaution since you picked up a departing gift from Air Tran. 😦

    You were doing good on Wednesday, so this temporary setback from travel (been there) and getting sick are okay. You can step off to get the rest you need and pop back to the goals later. Plus, goals get kinda foggy with the NyQuil/Bourbon mix. Whoo-whee! *sticking out an empty glass*

    BTW, love the new design as well. I like the progression of color down the page from the dark blue to the tan.

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks Sis! I’m feeling better and going to work on a blog post this evening.

      Goals? Did I have goals? Oh yeah. And remind me to ask you sometime how you get the smilies in your comments. After the Nyquil mix has left the building.

      And thanks for the comment on the new blog look. I really liked it, I’m glad it appeals to others as well.

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