Row 80 check in # 5

Never miss a check in:  5 for 5!

Write 500 words per day:  Didn’t make the goal because I didn’t allow for my trip to NY this week, but I’m back on track.

WWBC:  Well, it’s been an interesting week.  ‘Nuff said.

Non fiction:  Not where I need to be but still progressing.

Blogging:  Actually wrote an actual post that had nothing to do with R0w 80!

Taking care of myself:  I get derailed too easily.  Have to figure out some way to make a checklist of things that are good for me that I can put as much priority on as the other tasks.

Self Study: Finished my book and will write a review by the next check in.

Accountability Partner:  Waves at Barbara!  Yo, RowSista!

Haven’t made nearly as much progress with reaching out to others due to the Crazy Train (sing it Ozzy!) I’ve been on, but I’m still committed to trying.

Writers are the most awesome people on the planet!

Take care and hugs, everyone!


9 thoughts on “Row 80 check in # 5

  1. ROWsista reporting in for duty! 🙂

    Thanks for saving me a seat on the Crazy Train. I was afraid I’d get left as nutty as my week has been. Glad you are getting back on track from the travel and being sick. For the taking care of self part, I’m finding I need to formally schedule it or it will fall behind everything else. Keep moving forward!

  2. Alllll Aboooard!!! Da dant, da dant, da dant, da dant, I I I, da dant, da dant, da dant, da dant. *Randy Rhodes riff*

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Yes, it has definitely been a crazy train, Callene. Do what you can, when you can, and adjust accordingly. You ROWsistas Rock The ROW!!! ~clink~

  3. Congratulations on meeting your goals! Sounds like you’re doing great. Keep on trucking!

  4. Hartford says:

    Girl – you are doing great and I love, love, love your positive energy, outlook and enthusiasm. Celebrate the wins and use that energy to fuel the areas you need to grow.
    *waving pom poms*
    you can do it!! woot woot!!

  5. Hi Callene: And now I’ve found you here. If you get a chance, come and visit me at my joint. I am excited to start reading your stuff. I know life can get crazy. Lately I’ve been dropping all kinds of balls. Wow, that sounds really naughty. 😉 I wish I had an accountability partner, but I think s/he’d kill me.

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Hi Renee! You naughty girl, lol! Thanks for dropping by, I’ll head by your place after chores. I hear you on the ball dropping. I’d be happy to drop by and smack you around every now and then if you like!

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