Book Review of “Living Write” by Kelly L. Stone

Kelly L. Stone is a licensced counselor as well as a writer, which gives her a unique perspective into what goes on in a writers head.

“Living Write” is the third of Kelly’s books on developing a good mindset for being a writer.  “Time to Write”, the first of the three, helped me realize that I had exactly all the time I was ever going to have, and the excersizes helped me figure out where there were tons of little pockets of time I could use that were just going to waste.  And that I was allowing other “priorities” that really weren’t to interfere.  Unfortunately it didn’t give me more time, but at least I quit whining about  not having enough of it.  “Thinking Write” talks about developing techniques to connect with your subconscious.  I need to re-read that one, at the time I originally read it I didn’t have a WIP, so I’m interested to see if I get a new perspecitve from the book this time.

But “Living Write” has been a great new addition to my writer’s bookshelf.  In “Living Write”, Stone discusses developing a writer’s mindset, including spending some time developing a vision for success, goals that are realistic, challenging, but fluid.  Stone is also a huge advocate of writing daily, even if it’s is just a little bit, a few words, anything, to keep you connected to your muse and your craft.

Kelly also talks about self-image, and finding ways to rewire the negative script running through each and every one of our minds that tells us we aren’t talented enough, hardworking enough or just plain deserving of having success as a writer.

One thing that I’ve noticed lately as I’ve connected with other writers, is that as a whole, we are the nicest, kindest, most supportive people on the planet to each other, but we are mean as sh** to ourselves!  Not a single writer I know would ever say the things to another human being that we tell ourselves.  Somebody would get arrested!

The techniques in Kelly’s book will help you become aware of the negative self talk we engage in, and find ways to build ourselves up instead of tearing ourselves down. Stone uses quotes and interviews with dozens of established writers to back up her points and give insight into what has helped make them successful.

When reading craft books I’ve begun putting little post it notes as markers in passages that had an impact on my thinking, and that I want to be able to flip back to for a quick refresher.  Judging from the plethora of tabs and colors, “Living Write” will be a book I refer to frequently.

For more information on Kelly and her books, visit her website here.

I would recommend them for any serious writer who is struggling with time or self-doubt issues.


One thought on “Book Review of “Living Write” by Kelly L. Stone

  1. This sounds like my kind of book! I need help managing my time AND being nicer to myself, so this is definitely a book for my Amazon wishlist! Thanks so much for the share.

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