ROW 80 check in # 7

Never miss a check in:  7 for 7!  I rock!

Write 500 words per day: Not there yet, but writing daily.  Baby steps.

WWBC:  Turned in my redux evo and waiting for feedback from the most awesome crit group on the planet.  Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

Non fiction:  Still doing the walk of shame.  But the interesting thing with these bi-weekly checkins is, that it’s keeping the project on the table instead of being shoved behind the dustbunnies of my mind like it would have been otherwise.

Blogging:  Interested in what happend with the goats?  Tune in tomorrow.

Taking care of myself:  Threw the damn scale out.  Bought some produce on the way home from work.  Hope no one was injured by the flying scale because I LAUNCHED that bad boy.  I’m eating TWO apples tomorrow! (Inside joke!)

Self Study: Big problem with Red by Kait Nolan.  Oh, hell no, not with the story.  I bought the Kindle edition.  Problem?  I don’t own a Kindle.  I have the app for my laptop, but completely underestimated the effort and frustration of reading a full length novel on my freaking laptop.  I can get by with curling up with a paperback and my booklight in bed, but hubby is understandably miffed at having to sleep with a computer.  ( I only hit him with it once accidentally, I swear!) I thought I would be able to just read it here and there when the moment arose, but I also underestimated how I would be hooked by the story.  Lish, this is one you need to read.

My egg money is SO getting saved for a Kindle when those $79 babies become available.

Accountability Partner:  Barbara!  Glad you are having a better week!

I’ve met some great new folks through this challenge.  You guys rock!  How are you all doing this week?


4 thoughts on “ROW 80 check in # 7

  1. Jaleh says:

    Sounds like you’ve been making a strong effort. Good for you. And to have such good humor about it too. I’m envisioning the flying scale now.

  2. Ryan King says:

    *dodges the scale* At least you’re writing daily. That’s a good thing. The word count will come in time. Keep it going!

  3. Hartford says:

    You are doing fabulous with all your writing goals – woot woot – success comes in a variety of shapes and forms and you are doing wonderfully!
    Tossed out the scale – LOVE THAT!! I near spit out my water when I read “launched that bad boy”…lol!!
    Girl…Get. A. Kindle. Now! 🙂 I was on amazon this evening and saw that they are now IN STOCK so get ordering up. And get the case with the light – so worth it!!! I love mine and have no idea what I did before Kindle Nation!
    Isn’t Red AHHHMMAAZZZING!!! I loved it!
    Great work…keep it going…

  4. Rocking the goals ROWsis! Now why did you have to hurt the scale? Poor thing just wanted to be your friend. Heh.

    I agree with you that the bi-weekly check-ins help keep things present and as we get better with our goals, they will be right there for us to run with. Ditto for the steady writing.

    And I second the Kindle. I was slow to adapt, but like it now.

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