Row 80 check in # 10

This will be my last check in for a week or so.  I’ve got a conference that I’m hosting at work, that has been in preparation for several months, and it all culminates this week.  Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, been there done that with this part, but naturally the Powers That Be have made it necessary to do a whole bunch of animal shipments right before it, so I’ll be crating up fruit bats this week for an Oh-My-God early trip to the airport and sending them to the Bronx Zoo.  (Hey Lady?  Why is that box screeching?)  And doing preship exams for some other things.  And then there is the water buffalo… and still keeping up with the farm… Sorry, I digress.

I keep trying to convince myself that I can keep all the plates spinning, but logically I know I can’t.  So for the next 10 days, if I get any writing time, it will just be the book.  I mean, that’s what the whole point is anyway, right?

I do take comfort from Stephen Pressfield’s War of Art, in the notion that if writing is the thing you are supposed to do, the Universe will contrive every possible thing to keep you from doing exactly that.  It’s our job to figure out how to overcome resistance and do what we are supposed to do.

For me, this week, that means drawing back a bit and stop putting so much mental pressure on myself to FREAKING DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW LIKE YESTERDAY OR I’M AN AWFUL FAILURE ‘CUZ I JUST SIT AND PARALYZE MYSELF MENTALLY AND NOTHING GETS DONE.

Seriously, we writers must keep so many therapists in business. Or liquor stores.  You pick.

So, I’ll see you all after the 15th, after a nap and a good stiff drink.  Probably in reverse order.  I don’t have a therapist, so it’s the liquor stores for me.  But I do have awesome friends, both real and online, so I’ll look forward to catching up with ya’ll soon!

Take care and keep up the word count, you NaNoites!



10 thoughts on “Row 80 check in # 10

  1. Fruit Bats and Water Buffalo? You have the most original “distractions” of all of us, that’s for sure! Callene, do you what you need to do. Bills must be paid … a sad reality for all of us! Write when you can. Call on any of us any time and we’ll share a cool one with you.

  2. I have to say your day job sounds incredibly fascinating. Fruit bats and water buffalo indeed. Anyhoo, all the best. Here’s hoping you can find some time to work on your book.

    ’til next time…

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks Stephanie. Most folks think I’m kidding when I say I work in a zoo, but it’s true! It is a cool job most of the time, but it does have it’s headaches!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ryan King says:

    Liquor stores. Totally. That or both. Who said vomiting words was a sane venture anyway? Just try to get some writing in there somewhere 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Sounds like a crazy week! And I concur with the paralyzing fear thing – definitely be realistic with yourself, since you’re only human and there are only so many hours in a week! Good luck with your impending week of craziness – hope the fruit bats don’t get out! ;p

  5. Sorry I’m late, I got held up with the fruit bats!

    Now, that’s not really something just anyone can say, so who are we to tell you that blogging is your first priority. Obviously it’s the water buffalo and those *other exams*. ; )

    I love your life! And, as for your question… liquor store, no contest.

    Keep being the fabulous you that you are and we’ll catch up when you get back. You simply have to write a blog about all of this and don’t forget ~ you still owe us a story on goats!

  6. Howdy ROWsis!!! So sorry to have gone silent the last half of the week. I so get your work overload because I was just there. No way to get it all done and some days no way to get anything done. We do what we have to get just get through. So, I’m pulling up a seat to watch you deliver those screeching fruit bats (heh heh) and be moral support as you head into busy conference time. I’ve got a bottle of Patron (silver label) in the closet and will pour you some as needed. 🙂

  7. Girl – worry not! Concentrate on you and what you need to get done over the next 10 days and we’ll be here when you recover. Not sure if you noticed but I went a bit “underground” myself for the past week or more. Work was insane and it just tapped me out so I totally unpluged. Give yourself permission to do what you can and that be good enough…expectations are a figment of your imagination so relax, enjoy the fruit bats and water buffalo and we’ll see ya when you are back and at it. Cheers!

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