Row 80 Check In #1

Well, I’m definitely off to a crawl this week:

1)  I think I will plateau at 1200 for a week or so, it’s been a bit of a stretch to hit that #.  So, when I’m comfortable and consistent with 1200 I’ll go to the next level.

2)  I thought about exercising this week.  Doesn’t count?  Well, crap.

3) Haven’t gotten much reading done so far, but it’s still way early in the game.  Meaning plenty of time to procrastinate and stress out later!  Woot!

4) Not much progress so far, but the rest of the week should be a bit smoother, so I’m looking forward to making the rounds!


How’s it going for all of  you for this first check in?




2 thoughts on “Row 80 Check In #1

  1. Don’t fret or stress – it’s early in the week. I’ve often considered checking in on Sunday’s only because a lot of times I hit the bulk of my goals later in the week and weekend. I have no doubt that when Sunday rolls around, you’ll have lots to report on as your week levels out and your writing picks up.
    Exercising is sooo hard to work into our routine. I have a serious couch addiction. Maybe try just going for a walk at lunch or on a break. It doesn’t have to be long. One or two 15 minutes walks all add up to exercise. YOU can do it Callene!!!

  2. yikici says:

    Heya Callene, it’s always good to start slow and build up the rhythm; a sensible approach that will help you monitor your progress and alter as you continue -the perfect way to utilise ROW80! 🙂

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