New Book on the Pile

Yeah, I knew I wasn’t going to do so hot with my unspoken resolution not to buy any more books until I finished most of my TBR pile challenge.

I’m a book junkie.  Sue me.  It’s the curse of literacy.

I did finish the first book from the TBR Pile challenge list I made, and I’ll be posting a review of The Rebel Prince per the challenge rules soon.  I’m still digesting the book.

Anyway, the latest book to arrive in the mail via Amazon is a used copy of The Medieval Warhorse: From Byzantium to the Crusades by Ann Hyland.

I’m fascinated by history, and I’m fascinated by horses, so I expect most of you won’t be floored by this selection.  I’m a sucker for a good medieval romance and I think part of my lifelong love of medievals is linked to a fascination with war horses in general.

There’s no doubt that the domestication of the horse is one of, if not the, most pivotal happenings in the history of the human race, right up there with the wheel, the written language, and beer.  And it never ceases to amaze me that an animal that 40 million years of evolution has hardwired to “run very fast in the other direction and ask questions later” when faced with something very dangerous can be trained to “run towards danger and kick it’s ass when you get there”.

Yeah, I’m weird, but you guys love me.  😉

So, I figure I can allow myself one new book for each one read from the TBR pile list.  That way I maintain the status quo, and can keep the current level of entropy intact.

And if anyone else is interested in any little pearls of info about medieval war horses,  let me know!  I don’t want to keep all that glorious weirdness to myself!

Happy weekend, peeps!


3 thoughts on “New Book on the Pile

  1. Omg, I would LOVE that book! I must get it for my um, ‘research’ collection.

  2. Callene Rapp says:

    Haven’t delved too far into the words, but it does have some cool pictures/plates in it!

  3. Hey darlin’! I notice you don’t have a “contact me” tap on your site – something you might want to add.
    I wanted to let you know I sent you an invite to join the WANA711 tribe in triberr. If you didn’t get it – check your twitter inbox – email me at Natalie at nataliehartford dot com and I can email you the code to sign up and get started!

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