Row 80 Check In

Short and sweet this week:  I’ve been in the middle of preparing our taxes.  Gak.

1)  I backed off of my word count goal so I could devote all my angst and energy to  numbers.  I’m back to 1200 daily for the week and so far so good.

2)   I joined a TOPS club near the zoo so I can weigh in and have a little consistent accountability.  I can tell myself that my scale is stupid and not working and a bleeping piece of crap, but I can’t say that to the cute little old lady recording the weigh ins.  Not cool.

3)  Got the first book read in the TBR pile challenge, and I need to write a review.  However, this challenge does not seem to have stopped me buying new books.  Of course books are to a writer like chocolate is to a stressed out pre-menopausal woman…not that I would know anything about that!

4) Been making the blog luv rounds, slowly but steadily.  Met some cool new people who have some cool books out…see # 3!

How is everyone else doing?  Are you getting in the rhythm after the holidays?

Take care and check in when you can!


11 thoughts on “Row 80 Check In

  1. Ryan King says:

    Shh. Don’t say the “tax” word. That’s evil. Accountability is a biggie when it comes to weight loss but so is determination. Just stick to it!

  2. Woot woot – you are having a great week Callene even with the “tax” thing going on. Here’s to the accountability helping you reach your other goals too. Woot woot!!!

  3. *groan* Taxes. ugh. You’re doing great. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work! What book are you reading?

    Keep Writing!

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Right now, because I’m a ginormous dork, I’m reading a craft book, Nail Your Novel; and The Nature of Horses, which is on my TBR pile challenge; and a couple of other books. I usually have more than one going at a time.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am finally getting back into the groove post holiday. For example, I am in the midst of baking my first batch of post holiday cookie baking which will make the kids in my daughter’s English class very happy. They used to eat my cookies daily and its been… ten days now.

    Glad to see you are moving right along with your goals and oh, wanted to mention which is an awesome online accountability tool for weight loss/fitness. I haven’t been consistent for years (ummm, though today I messed up!) and I have lost 10 pounds. Rather astounding… and a tiny bit in what I need to lose but HEY, its a tiny bit to add to more tiny bits!

    Keep ROWING!

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks, Julie! I will definitely look up, sounds cool. I keep starting over and over again, and not making any real progress, so anything that will help keep me on track I’m all for!

      And shall I send you my address in case you want to get rid of any cookies? ;o)

  5. Jenny Hansen says:

    Callene – I totally dig the picture of the horse at the top! Your blog is looking so pretty!!! Congrats on your goals, and I’m quite impressed that you’re doing your taxes so early. 🙂

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks, Jenny! The blogging thing is coming along slowly, but I’m keeping at it. Just haven’t found a rhythm and a habit yet, but I’ll get there. The support from awesome peeps like you helps!

      And I wish I could claim doing my taxes early was a result of my superb organizational skills, but I want to know if I owe! I hate owing the gov’ment money!

  6. 1,200 is still a great achievement. Keep up the good work!

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