Sunday Horse Day! Mello’s Training Diary

Hello, everyone!  This is Mello, you met me a few weeks ago.  I’m Callene’s AQHA stud horse.  I guess the elegant term is stallion, but personally I just like the way “stud” sounds.  Kinda macho!  Of course, I’m actually a big marshmello, (ha! punny of me!  I have a great sense of humor!) but don’t tell anyone.

I have to tell you how I got my name.  I was born when West Nile Virus was becoming a problem in the US.  According to Mom, that virus can make us horses really sick, I don’t know about it because Mom takes really good care of us and it hasn’t been a problem for any of us here at the farm.  But anyway, apparently one of the signs of that sickness is that you are really lethargic.  (Mom says that word means you just lay around and don’t feel good.) So, I was so cool and mello (ha! check my humor!) as a baby that everyone thought I was sick and had that West Nile thing.  It was only that I just knew I was safe and in a good place, and both my horse mom and my human mom took such good care of me, I didn’t have anything to worry about so why get upset?  The farrier actually argued with Mom about it, can you believe it?  Mom is always right, pity the fool who forgets that.  We have a new farrier now.

Was I cute or what?!?!

So, I’ve gotten to the ripe old age of eight (so Mom says, I can’t count all that well!) without being trained to pack a human around.  Personally, I’m okay with that, but Mom has decided I need to have some basic job skills and at least “earn my keep” by packing her around from time to time.  I was okay with the breeding thing being my bread and butter, but that action hasn’t  been very regular so I guess it beats anything else I could do.  She isn’t too heavy, although she thinks she’s “fluffy”, whatever that means.

Anyway.  Mom has decreed that Sundays will be my training day, at least while it’s still dark when she comes home from work.  I’m glad she wants to spend time with me, but I’m not sure about that whole job thing.  We’ll see how it goes.  I personally would prefer to just laze around between feedings, and think about Quarter Horse mares with big, foal bearing hips, but I’ll give it a shot.  I’m a “stud” so I’m sure I will do well at everything.

Today we went out to the round pen for some training.  It was a beautiful February day, so you have to make the most of those for sure.

But before I got to the round pen I got a little excited and almost got into trouble.  When we went through the gate to the pasture with the round pen, I thought I was just getting turned out to stretch my legs and I ran off from Mom!  Dragging my lead rope and everything!  Fortunately, I ran so fast I didn’t drag it or step on it, because Mom would have been MAD if I had broken my halter. ( I know she would have been more mad if I had hurt myself, but don’t tell her I knew that!)   I’m sure I was quite impressive to the cars going by, I like to give them a good show when the opportunity comes up.  Mom was a little ticked, but she said it was her fault for forgetting I was probably going to be a little fresh.  I don’t know how she forgot, since as a bona-fide “stud” I’m pretty fresh most of the time!  I like sniffing things.  A lot.

I'm too sexy for my self, so sexy it hurts!

Anyway, once I realized I had goofed, and that she really meant “whoa” when she said it, I stopped and we got started again with the real round pen thing.  I’m working on my “transitions”, which is a fancy way of saying going from a walk to a trot and back again when Mom says to.  Mom’s really the alpha mare around here, so I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to do exactly what she said to.  I’m pretty smart and mom really has to watch her body language, because I can almost read her mind and tell what she’s going to ask me to do before she asks!  I guess being a “stud” makes me really smart.  Mom even said I did good, considering it’s been quite a while since we worked on anything important.

Mom is busy taking care of some of the other animals around here now, so I thought I’d borrow her laptop for a while and chat with you all.  She says she really loves some of her online friends, so I thought I would say hi.  You should have seen me going in the house to get the laptop!  It was quite an adventure!  And typing was a bit difficult for my hooves, but I’m very smart because I’m a “stud”, doncha know.

If you would like to hear more about how this job training thing goes, please leave a comment.  And, if you want to tell Mom to just let me do the whole “stud” thing full-time, I would love that too!  Oops!  Better run!  Mom’s coming! Take care, all  you two-leggeds!

What the—why is my laptop out on the deck?  And horse hair all over my keyboard!  Mello!  You are the only one around here with that color hair, don’t bat your big brown eyes at me!  OMG, he got on the internet!  Good thing he didn’t have my credit card, heaven only knows what he would have bought!   Is that a website for pony blow up dolls?!  Holy crap.  Seriously, I need to put a double snap on his gate!  Sorry about that folks, hope he wasn’t too much of a pest.  It’s really hard to stay mad at the goofball.  Stupid stud horses. Gotta love em.


Magical March Challenge

Magical March!

So I apparently love challenges.  I also apparently don’t always do so well at them, because I’m one hell of a starter, but a pretty poor finisher.  I keep trying, though so I get props for either determination or stupidity.  It could go either way.

But the latest challenge should actually be fun, meaning that I will probably not complete it because I also apparently have a puritan streak a mile wide which whispers evily in my ear “If you are having fun, you shouldn’t be doing it.”  I’m working on learning to stuff a dirty sock in that old bat’s pie hole but there isn’t always a dirty sock handy when you need it.


The Roof Beam Reader has given us another challenge which is right up my alley this spring, and the fact that I can get double credit for another challenge I’m doing is a bonus!  Even that old puritan bat can’t argue with that!

Therefore, I give you the Magical March, A Magical Realism and Fantasy Event!

The premise is simple, you read a quantity of books in the specified genre, and you get a nifty title based on how many you read.  Even one counts, but I’m going for Sorceress status, mostly because being called a Sorceress will give that old Puritan bat living in my head an aneurism.   3-5 books qualify for Sorceress status, and the books I’m reading for the TBR pile challenge will qualify!  Take that!

My chosen books are:

Game of Thrones  by George R.R. Martin

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey

A Gift of Magic by Lynn Kurland

Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson

I debated about the fifth book because rumor has it Game of Thrones is not really light reading, but we’ll see…

This is my latest challenge, and I’m looking forward to starting.  A couple of these have been burning a hole in my nightstand for a long time now.

Just don’t tell that old Puritan bat I’m planning on having fun.  I wanna watch her flip out when that Sorceress badge goes up on my blog!  Mwaaahhhh!

And really!  How the hell is it nearly March already?

Sunday Horse Day — The Man From Snowy River

It’s hard to believe this movie came out in 1982, 30 years ago.  Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

This is one of my all time favorite movies, based on a classic Australian poem of the same name by iconic Aussie poet Banjo Patterson.

I lost count of how many times I’ve watched it, in part or whole. I know every note of the soundtrack and most of the dialog by heart. The other night hubby couldn’t sleep and was flipping through the channel and happened upon Snowy River, and a three second shot of that soundtrack woke me from such a sound sleep so abruptly it scared the crap out of him.  He didn’t get the remote back until it was over with, until the last note had faded from the end credits. I have a feeling that chase scene could wake me out of a coma.

I remember my riding buddy and I poring over saddlery catalogs, just sure that if we had one of those drafter saddles, we to could Ride Like The Man From Snowy River.  The catalog said so!  We even practiced riding with one hand thrown up in the air like Jim Craig in that climatic scene towards the end.  A great deal of the effect was lost due to the fact that even in northern Missouri, the steepest hill we could come up with to practice on was level by comparison.  Oh, that and we never managed to try that downhill ride at much more than a walk.  We were going to run away to Australia for sure, though.

The cinematography is simply stunning, partly because of the gorgeous landscape of Australia’s mountain country, and partly because of all the horses.  I think there is a horse in nearly every scene.  And some of these sequences are simply so breathtaking you might forget that this was way pre CGI, so everything was happening in the real world.

The story line won’t win any awards for stunning twists, and George R.R. Martin fans will likely be disappointed because nearly everyone survives, but this is really one of the most heartwarming and beautiful movies ever made.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

And, here is a reading of the original poem.

Now, if you will pardon me, for some reason I need to go for a ride….

Do you guys have any movies that take  you back?  And for those horse crazy girls that never grew up, is there a horse movie that will live in your heart until you are 110?

Dipping my Toes in the Triberr Pool

If I were an Eskimo, Natalie Hartford could probably sell me ice.

I mean, why else would I attempt to sign myself up for another Social Media thingamajig? 

Seriously.  I have barely figured out Facebook, blogging consistently still eludes me for a variety of reasons, and yet here I am trying out a new Social Media doohicky to promote my platform that is as rickety as a treehouse in a Kansas tornado.

Nat is a perky little pied piper leading all the rest of us WANA 711 alum down this pathway, and even though I’m slowly following along, dragging my old dog self into the 21st century, I’m having a blast because, well, because these peeps are my family.  And I’ll pretty much follow them anywhere.

And if you are one of the three people left in the universe who hasn’t checked out my dear Natalie’s blog, do so immediately.  You are warned not to drink beverages, especially if you happen upon an Urban Word Wednesday.  You were warned.

It’s probably a good thing Natalie and I didn’t meet until later in life…imagine the trouble she could have led me into during my mispent youth!

Now just don’t anyone tell her I need ice…


How about you all?  Have you found a new family in this age of Social Media?  Or are you an old dog learning new tricks like me?

Everyone take care, and have a great rest of your week!

Sunday is Horse Day!

A couple of weeks ago, I said I would be back with a new series of posts that I was really excited about.  It took me a little longer to get back than I expected, but I’m here!

As many of you may know, or have guessed, horses have been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. Sometimes a bigger part, sometimes a smaller part, sometimes with more baggage than not.

The last few years have been a big transitional time for my husband and I. We started a farm business four years ago, which has taken off and is doing well, but unfortunately not well enough for me to be able to quit my job and work on the farm full time.  So, the days usually get crammed with the minutia of daily living and trying to stretch a gnat’s a$$ over a barrel as far has having the time to do it all.

And, the horses have gotten shoved onto the back burner.  I’ve got horses who are well past the age where they should have been trained and should have gone on to find productive jobs elsewhere.  I’ve got an eight year old stud horse who I’ll introduce you to soon who really needs to get a job. You think two legged teenagers just like to sit around and eat and don’t want to work!  Ha!

Anyway.  I’ve discovered via a bit of soul-searching lately that I tend to put the things that matter to me on a personal level on the back burner, in order to do the things that Stephen Covey calls Urgent, but not Important.  Yes, taking care of all the essentials of my job and my farm are important, but what he’s talking about is the Important things that you will regret not doing when you look back on your life at the end.  The things you wish were in your eulogy.

The things that are good for your soul.

Horses are good for my soul.  Writing is good for my soul.

And whether or not it’s because there is so much Puritan DNA wound around my double helix, or I’ve just conditioned myself to believe that if I enjoy doing it, it shouldn’t be a priority, that is where we are now.

This represents a step toward getting things right with the world.

I feel better when I write.  I feel better when I work with the horses.  More focused, more passionate, more capable…more me.  I accomplish more because everything is in balance.

Good god, people, imagine how the earth would tremble if I managed to get my writing quota and my riding quota accomplished on the same day!

So.  Back to the blog.  Sunday will be horse day from now on.  I will post about all things horse related, hopefully sometimes funny, sometimes serious,  sometimes off the wall.  I’d also like it to be helpful to writers who may have questions about how to write horses realistically.  Yes, the cliché of the 18 hand black stallion that loves and adores and obeys only our heroine because her little Mary-Sue self gave him an apple one day pisses me off.


If you have horse related questions, let me know, I’m not an expert in everything, but I’ve been around a bit and at least know where to look for the answer.

And, I want to take a minute to introduce you to one of my horses.

Exchanging Gold, aka Mello, is a Quarter Horse stallion who has remained such because he’s never given me a good reason to give him brain surgery.  I’m going to attempt to use my non techno savvy computer skills to imbed a video of him being worked in the round pen.  It’s not edited and there isn’t any lovely music, sorry.  Mello is going to be the top project for the year.  He’s really a good boy, just a little “fresh” in this video.  A friend of mine is working with him, I was filming because I wasn’t allowed in the round pen on my crutches for some reason. ;o)  Mello is being terribly disrespectful, but he’s so smooth and graceful and good-hearted about it, I get a big kick out of watching him.

Hope you enjoy.

In case I flunk YouTube, here’s a picture of Mello.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me know if there is anything horse related I can answer for you, and remember to do what’s good for your soul!

Row 80 Check In

Not much of a check in.  Evil Day Job and Evil Life Stressors have linked up and are in cahoots.

My week went like this:

I have the situation perfectly under control.

I have the situation perfectly under control.


Which then resulted in this:

Bourbon, quick! She's flatlining!


Which resulted in this:

What do you mean writing by osmosis doesn't work?


I’ve gotten so far astray from my original goals on this round of Row 80 I believe I will just start over.  Sunday, after a little mental rebooting I will be back with a new series of posts that I’m kind of excited about and a brand new set of goals.  Because sometimes life kicks your butt and after you regain consciousness,  you have no choice but to grab life by the you-know-whats and give it a:

Because sometimes it's the only thing that gets through.

Hope everyone is giving their problems a flying bitch slap!  Have a good rest of the week and I’ll see you all on Sunday!