Sunday Horse Day! Mello’s Training Diary

Hello, everyone!  This is Mello, you met me a few weeks ago.  I’m Callene’s AQHA stud horse.  I guess the elegant term is stallion, but personally I just like the way “stud” sounds.  Kinda macho!  Of course, I’m actually a big marshmello, (ha! punny of me!  I have a great sense of humor!) but don’t tell anyone.

I have to tell you how I got my name.  I was born when West Nile Virus was becoming a problem in the US.  According to Mom, that virus can make us horses really sick, I don’t know about it because Mom takes really good care of us and it hasn’t been a problem for any of us here at the farm.  But anyway, apparently one of the signs of that sickness is that you are really lethargic.  (Mom says that word means you just lay around and don’t feel good.) So, I was so cool and mello (ha! check my humor!) as a baby that everyone thought I was sick and had that West Nile thing.  It was only that I just knew I was safe and in a good place, and both my horse mom and my human mom took such good care of me, I didn’t have anything to worry about so why get upset?  The farrier actually argued with Mom about it, can you believe it?  Mom is always right, pity the fool who forgets that.  We have a new farrier now.

Was I cute or what?!?!

So, I’ve gotten to the ripe old age of eight (so Mom says, I can’t count all that well!) without being trained to pack a human around.  Personally, I’m okay with that, but Mom has decided I need to have some basic job skills and at least “earn my keep” by packing her around from time to time.  I was okay with the breeding thing being my bread and butter, but that action hasn’t  been very regular so I guess it beats anything else I could do.  She isn’t too heavy, although she thinks she’s “fluffy”, whatever that means.

Anyway.  Mom has decreed that Sundays will be my training day, at least while it’s still dark when she comes home from work.  I’m glad she wants to spend time with me, but I’m not sure about that whole job thing.  We’ll see how it goes.  I personally would prefer to just laze around between feedings, and think about Quarter Horse mares with big, foal bearing hips, but I’ll give it a shot.  I’m a “stud” so I’m sure I will do well at everything.

Today we went out to the round pen for some training.  It was a beautiful February day, so you have to make the most of those for sure.

But before I got to the round pen I got a little excited and almost got into trouble.  When we went through the gate to the pasture with the round pen, I thought I was just getting turned out to stretch my legs and I ran off from Mom!  Dragging my lead rope and everything!  Fortunately, I ran so fast I didn’t drag it or step on it, because Mom would have been MAD if I had broken my halter. ( I know she would have been more mad if I had hurt myself, but don’t tell her I knew that!)   I’m sure I was quite impressive to the cars going by, I like to give them a good show when the opportunity comes up.  Mom was a little ticked, but she said it was her fault for forgetting I was probably going to be a little fresh.  I don’t know how she forgot, since as a bona-fide “stud” I’m pretty fresh most of the time!  I like sniffing things.  A lot.

I'm too sexy for my self, so sexy it hurts!

Anyway, once I realized I had goofed, and that she really meant “whoa” when she said it, I stopped and we got started again with the real round pen thing.  I’m working on my “transitions”, which is a fancy way of saying going from a walk to a trot and back again when Mom says to.  Mom’s really the alpha mare around here, so I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to do exactly what she said to.  I’m pretty smart and mom really has to watch her body language, because I can almost read her mind and tell what she’s going to ask me to do before she asks!  I guess being a “stud” makes me really smart.  Mom even said I did good, considering it’s been quite a while since we worked on anything important.

Mom is busy taking care of some of the other animals around here now, so I thought I’d borrow her laptop for a while and chat with you all.  She says she really loves some of her online friends, so I thought I would say hi.  You should have seen me going in the house to get the laptop!  It was quite an adventure!  And typing was a bit difficult for my hooves, but I’m very smart because I’m a “stud”, doncha know.

If you would like to hear more about how this job training thing goes, please leave a comment.  And, if you want to tell Mom to just let me do the whole “stud” thing full-time, I would love that too!  Oops!  Better run!  Mom’s coming! Take care, all  you two-leggeds!

What the—why is my laptop out on the deck?  And horse hair all over my keyboard!  Mello!  You are the only one around here with that color hair, don’t bat your big brown eyes at me!  OMG, he got on the internet!  Good thing he didn’t have my credit card, heaven only knows what he would have bought!   Is that a website for pony blow up dolls?!  Holy crap.  Seriously, I need to put a double snap on his gate!  Sorry about that folks, hope he wasn’t too much of a pest.  It’s really hard to stay mad at the goofball.  Stupid stud horses. Gotta love em.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Horse Day! Mello’s Training Diary

  1. Oh, Mello! You are hilarious. I definitely want to know more about your training. I used to have a gorgeous Tennessee Walker, but he got old and sick and we had to let him go to his horsey friends out in that big green pasture (isn’t that what a horse heaven would be?). Anyway, I miss him so much and wish I had a gorgeous stud like you. I like saying stud, too. It sounds so naughty!

    Tell your mom ‘hi’ from me and my dogs. We’ll catch up with you next Sunday!

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Hi Aunt Tameri! Mom said you wouldn’t mind much if I called you Aunt Tameri, she said you WANA 711 girls were like sisters. Which is cool, since Mom is an only child I think she needs some sisters, don’t you think? I’m sorry about your horse, but one of these days I’ll cross the Rainbow Bridge too, hopefully not soon, and I’ll say hello to him! We can hang out and be like cousins.

      Gotta run, my internet time is limited! Mom doesn’t like horse hair in her keyboard.

      See you soon!


      • Of course you can call me Aunt Tameri! We WANA girls are sisters, so your mom got a whole bunch of new family. And, like any normal family, we’re all a bit nuts, which makes us more fun.

        I hope you don’t get to say hi to Shammy any time soon. You take your time getting to that rainbow bridge. Until then, you enjoy your time out in the pasture and around the homestead. Do you live on a farm? Are there chickens there? What’s your favorite animal to hang out with? I think we need another post from you soon.

        Horsey hugs,

        Aunt Tameri…

  2. Sorry Mello, but I keep humming that song “Mellow Yellow” each time I read your name. . . 🙂

    I live next door to a thoroughbred farm and get to see a lot of you studs acting out. It’s fun to watch from the kitchen window, but glad you have your mom to take care of you. lol.

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Too Funny, Aunt Bridgette! (okay if I call you that?) My name was supposed to be “Mellow Yellow” but it was already taken in the Quarter Horse association. Oh well, my name on paper is “Exchanging Gold”, because my dad said having horses is like exchanging gold for horse apples. I think that’s a pretty good trade, don’t you?


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