ROW 80 Check In

*blink, blink*  Wow, that light is bright.   *sneezes*  Sorry about all that dust, peeps.

It’s been way too long since I touched base with my goals.

I seemed to sprain something this last month.  I had been pushing myself harder and harder, at least mentally, and I think I suffered from sort of a writing related training injury,  sprained my muse or something like that.  So, much as we hate it, the only solution for a sprain is to rest it until it heals up, and then take it easy until it’s back to full strength.

In the last month, however, while I was “resting” I did complete an article for publication that a magazine had requested, something that they will even pay me real money for!  No beads or trinkets, actual cash that I can use to buy books groceries with, and that ain’t nuthin.

March is looking to be a very busy month.  I’m putting on a workshop in April, and it’s up to me to write the book that goes with it.  I entered another reading challenge, this time committing to read 5 books over at The Roof Beam Reader’s Magical March challenge.  Oh, and my dumb ass signed up for three online writing workshops. What was that I said about taking it easy until things heal?  Monkey don’t learn.

But I have learned a bit about myself recently, and about pacing.  I’ve almost figured out how to make it all work without losing it and sitting in the corner crying and eating crayons.  I actually got that article completed on time and didn’t bite anyone in the process!  So, it’s time to try my speshul new pacing skills out on what I’m calling my Madness March.  (hmm, why does that phrase sound vaguely familiar?)

My goals for the next check in period between March 1 and March 7:

1.  Complete outline for workshop book.

2. Read two of the easier reads on my Magical March list.  (I’m saving Game of Thrones for later in case I decide I can’t live without knowing What Happens Next.)

3.  Get a jump on the writing class homework so I don’t get left behind and play catch up.  Complete any assignments within 3 days.

4. Continue to stretch my daily word count to between 800 and 1200.  Any form of writing except emails and blog replies counts.  Blog posts, homework, book outline, all are on the good list.

5.  Finish synopsis of my novel and figure out what the next step is there.

6.  Make it back around the blog o sphere and check in with my peeps, who hopefully haven’t forgotten me!  Comment on three blogs every day for the next week.

Well, that should do it for me.  How is everyone else doing?  I’ve seen several of you rocking it, good on you!

Take care and check in if you get a chance!


10 thoughts on “ROW 80 Check In

  1. Those are good goals. You’re being very concrete and realistic, though you’re right about not resting! You’re one on-the-go person. Sometimes I find if I take a bit of down time, it gives my muse creative freedom to explore new things. Maybe that’s what your muse is doing, and after March, you’ll be pouring out the words. 🙂

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks, Suzanne! I appreciate the support. You are right, giving yourself a little down time to recharge your batteries is important, and I’m finally getting that through my monkey brain. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Fantastic Callene! You are rolling right along and I love your upcoming goals!!! Shaking my pompoms at you wildly – keep up the GREAT work!

  3. Mike says:

    Wow – lots going on, but sounds like you have a plan. I like your image of a sprained muse.

  4. I’m with Natalie, Callene! Shaking pompoms and wishing you another great week.

  5. Hi Callene….

    I make a list on Sunday nights of what I need to do for the week. I’m usually pretty good about sticking to it. If only those books from Amazon would stop arriving on the doorstep…

    • Callene Rapp says:

      I need to try the once a week list. I usually do a daily list, but too much creeps onto it and it stresses me out. If it were for a week it might seem more manageable. Thanks for the tip. And what is it with those Amazon books?! They show up here too! And I curse the day I found Pixel of Ink! Almost. ;o)

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