ROW 80 check in

My goals for the  check in period between March 1 and March 7:  Updates in bold

1.  Complete outline for workshop book.

Newp, didn’t happen.  But I have a lot of notes, and it should not be too difficult to doIf I get the freaking thing started.  But the other stuff is so shiney!!  Squirrel!!

2. Read two of the easier reads on my Magical March list.  (I’m saving Game of Thrones for later in case I decide I can’t live without knowing What Happens Next.)

Got one down and started on the second.

3.  Get a jump on the writing class homework so I don’t get left behind and play catch up.  Complete any assignments within 3 days.

Currently up to date on all assignments, which did include introductions, and was easy because I do know my name.  Most days.

4. Continue to stretch my daily word count to between 800 and 1200.  Any form of writing except emails and blog replies counts.  Blog posts, homework, book outline, all are on the good list.

Didn’t keep good track here, but I did write daily.

5.  Finish synopsis of my novel and figure out what the next step is there.

Just finished it five minutes ago and sent it off to my crit team.

6.  Make it back around the blog o sphere and check in with my peeps, who hopefully haven’t forgotten me!  Comment on three blogs every day for the next week.

Again, I lost count, but I did make it around and check in with my peeps and I’m pretty sure I got more than three in daily.


For the next check in period, I’m going to keep Rowing in the same boat (hahaha it’s 12:49 a.m. and I can’t sleep and apparently think I’m freaking hilarious).

1.  Write the damn outline. Get that monkey off my back and bury it!

2. Two of the easier reads on my list.

3. Continue to rock it on my class assignments.

4.  Keep a bit better track of my wordcount, but bottom line to do something writerly every day.

5.  Won’t do much more on the synopsis until I get feedback from the team.

6.  Continue with the visit/comment 3 blogs daily.

How did you all do this week?  It kind of felt really awesome to be back in the groove again.  I’m headed for bed to try to salvage a couple hours before the 4:30 alarm calls. shrieks.  Hang in there, peeps!


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