Full Metal Jousting Pt. 2 — Back in Black!

So, anyone who tuned in last week will fondly remember what will always be known as “The Testicle Episode”.

Two guys got carted off in ambulances with injuries to…well, down there, ya know, that spot guys are a little overprotective of.

But, I guess a little blood reminds us that this is for real, and not for show.  And they should both still be able to pass on their genes.

Anyway, last week I shared a couple of picks for the red team, and today, I want to give some love to the black team.

The black team has had it’s share of drama, two weeks ago a comptetitor got sent home for committing the unpardonable sin of punching a horse. For stepping on his foot.  No, really. Pay attention.  You can see your feet, the horse can’t.

(I thought he was a little too pretty anyway)

Anyway, my faves for the black team:

Hopefully nice guys finish first...or don't get broken bones.

Rope Meyers.

Rope is a former world champion steer wrestler.  Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with steer wrestling, a bit about that sport:  Picture yourself diving headfirst off of a perfectly good horse running at about 35 miles an hour, onto the back of a 500 lb steer (with horns for an added challenge), grabbing it about the head and neck, planting your feet in the dirt, flipping the steer over and giving it a good noogie, and leaving both you and the steer able to walk away.  Not for wussies.  I personally prefer to stay aboard my galloping horses thank you very much.  Dirt is not tasty.

Rope is just one of those genuinely nice cowboys, who had the good fortune to be born in that era when cowboy moms and dads named their kids evocative western names like Rope, Quirt, Colt and Hoof.  He probably takes his hat off every time he enters a room, goes to church every Sunday and says Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am.  More importantly, his kids probably say Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am.  The affection and respect the other jousters have for him is obvious.

Yep, I’m crushing on ol’ Rope a bit.

Whadaya mean, I'm over the top?!

Josh Knowles.

Talk about larger than life, on several levels.  This guy is big, and has a bigger personality.  Another professional theatrical jouster, you just can’t wait to see what he does next.  Complete opposite of Rope.  But too much fun to watch.

The Rules

Jousting, believe it or not, is a bit more sophisticated than just a couple of guys bashing each other with 2X4’s.

There is a scoring system, and a very specific set of rules.  You get 1 point for striking your opponent, 5 points for breaking your lance on your opponent, and 10 points for knocking your opponent off his horse.

The catch?  You have to strike your opponent in the Grand Guard, which is a metal plate not much larger than a liscence plate.  Nothing else counts, and if you hit your oponent in the head or too far below the Grand Guard, you lose 5 points.

You also get deductions for not dropping the reins when you are about to hit (this protects the horses mouth from being jerked on should you lose your seat) or failing to control the horse. Yes, this is challenging when you have to drop the reins.

At then end of eight passes, the competitor with the most points wins.  Unless one of you can’t get up, and then it’s last man standing.

So, did any of you check out “the testicle episode”?  Do you have a fave for the black team?

Next week starts the final round of jousts, so check back then, and as a bonus, we’ll talk a bit about the history of jousting!

Charge on!


10 thoughts on “Full Metal Jousting Pt. 2 — Back in Black!

  1. I did check out the testicle debacle and I don’t have a favorite yet. I don’t even remember those two guys you talked about, just that one pretty guy from the red team. Who’s name I don’t remember. See? I haven’t fully committed yet, but I’m getting there. Maybe after one more show I’ll be all in. 😉

    Loved the scoring breakdown. I figured it out, eventually, but I like having it explained all at once and not from a gruff dude who speaks like he put some pebbles in with his chew.

  2. Hey Callene – I haven’t had time to check this out but reading it here makes me feel like I really did see it. Just like the terrific updates Tameri used to do.
    Guess what – our race horse won yesterday. Sweet Like Sugar is racing at Gulfstream for the winter so check her out!

    • Dang it! My cutie pie guy got eliminated. Now I need to pick a new one to root for. Did you happen to notice how many of them have really pretty blue eyes? Kinda freaky.

      Aw, thanks Patricia! I do miss those updates, but well, gotta move on sometimes.

      You have a racehorse? That’s crazy.

      • Callene Rapp says:

        Yeah, I did notice. Must have been part of the casting call, right? Must have ability to ride a horse, get hit with a stick and have piercing blue eyes! Paul (your cutie pie) did an awesome job but Josh K is just a freakishly tough. Let me know if you get a new pick!

    • Callene Rapp says:

      Thanks, Patricia! Woo Hoo to Sweet Like Sugar! I’ll have to re-up my Blood Horse daily and check her out! Congrats!

  3. Glad to see women viewers! visit my blog for more jousting!!

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