A “look” at my WIP

So, my good friend and crit partner, Tameri Etherton,(who has an absolutely appaling lack of respect for my very narrow comfort zone-just sayin’)   tagged me in a new meme that is making the rounds. 

The challenge is to share an excerpt with the work ‘look’ in the title.  Hence the title of the post…oh never mind, time to stop stalling.

I did find one paragraph in the rough draft that had “look”  four times…yeah, gonna revise that one ASAP, lol!

In this excerpt of the currently untitled work my protagonist, Elieana, has been kidnapped by outlaws who plan to use her to revenge themselves upon her father, the king.

The new arrival pushed back his hood, and even in the moonlight Elieana could see that he was scarcely more than a boy, maybe 15 or 16.  Slender and wiry, he had the animal grace of someone well used to living on the edge.  His hair was a tousled mop of dirty blond clumps and pieces, and it looked like it had been a good long time since it had seen a proper washing.

But his eyes…if she thought her captor bore her an intense hatred, this boy made him seem loving and kind.  Elieana hadn’t realized blue eyes could burn so intensely.

“Well, well, well.  Now here’s a ripe plum.  Shaking like a little rabbit, isn’t she? Wouldn’t expect that filthy coward to have a spawn with any backbone, though. Let’s just cut her throat now and be done with it.”  He pulled a knife every bit as deadly looking as the one Elieana had become well acquainted with earlier and crouched down in front of her.

That’s it for now!  Thanks for tagging me, Tameri!

( I know I should tag someone else, but I have to confess I’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks and don’t know who’s doing what these days. I reserve the right to ambush tag later!)

Gotta run, someone just brought me a sheep!


3 thoughts on “A “look” at my WIP

  1. I DO have an appalling lack of respect for your comfort zone, don’t I? Mwuahahahahaaa! I’m so glad you shared, Callene. This book is so much fun to read… and since I haven’t gotten to this part yet, I’m thrilled you chose it! Can’t wait to read more and congratulations on going public. See? It’s not that hard now is it? 🙂 Hugs.

  2. So what happens … ??? C’mon Callene, you have to tell us more!

  3. p.s. Oh yes, and lucky you having Tameri for your crit partner. None better!

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