Row 80 Round 2 Goals

The last round wasn’t so good for me, but I’ve learned that life has ebb and flow, so I’m just putting the last round down to an ebb tide, right?  ( I think that’s the right phrase, being landlocked in Kansas I don’t get much ocean exposure!)

I’m going to keep it simple this time and focus on a three-pronged approach to my goals, and focus on me as a writer a little bit more.

I found a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way at Bookaholic the other day, and since I’ve been feeling blocked creatively for the last, oh say, 30 plus years, it seemed worth a shot.  The book is a twelve week program for getting un-blocked and tapping into your creativity, and a Row 80 is about 12 weeks, so seemed pretty coinkydinky to me!

1.  I will work through the lessons one week at a time, and do all the homeworks involved with it.

I am also going to get serious about some diet and excercise this round.  I did the Body for  Life program several years ago and had excellent results.  I got lazy and distracted and let some things go (my middle, butt and thighs!) but it’s time, for reasons I won’t get into here, to get serious about taking care of myself.  And a Body for Life challenge lasts 12 weeks, so I’m surrounded by coinkydinks!

2.  I will commit to my clean eating and exercise plan for the entire twelve weeks.

And the writing?  It’s time to put up or shut up, and get busy writing an ugly, messy, imperfect little draft of my idea that sits and chews on my brain stem all day long.  First drafts are supposed to be ugly, messy and imperfect so I’m giving myself permission to make puke stains on the page.

3.  I will write a rough draft of my novel.  This draft will be more like a very long synopsis, but at least it will be words on the page.

So how many of you are Rocking the Row this go-round?  Chime in and lets hang out together!


Row 80 Round One 2012 Goals

Short and sweet here:

1)  Continue with escalating my wordcount.  My goal this week is 1200 a day, and it will up to 1600 next week.  I fully expect to plateau here, and I’m fine with coasting there for a while until I catch my breath.  My ultimate goal is 3200 a day, but I fully acknowledge it may take the rest of the year to get there consistently.

2) Develop an exercise habit.  I’ve discovered lately I’m becoming all about habits.  It’s so much harder to make a positive one rather than a negative one, because let’s face it, as a species we are all lazy as hell and would rather be snoozing like a cat in the sun.  I don’t quite know how that habit will develop, but I will share the process in the hope that if I can get my lazy a** to do it, then there may be hope for us all.  I fully believe that exercise and eating right will be the key to accomplishing #1.

3) Complete the TBR pile challenge.  I have a bad habit (see #2) of not reading because, well, reading is fun and apparently I inherited a big ol’ Puritan gene and I can’t allow myself to have fun.  Much.  So, completing this challenge will let me get to those books I’ve always wanted to enjoy, but haven’t.  It’ll seem like work, so Puritan gene will lie dormant for a while!

4) Develop my blog, post consistently, and increase my following.  Make that community.  There are some awesome people out there in the blog o sphere and I want to develop new relationships with them.  Again, this will come back to developing a habit of blogging regularly.  At this point, I don’t know exactly what the schedule will be because time is always an issue, but a habit is what I’m after.  We’ll start with a post weekly, not counting the Row 80 check ins.

Ok, so that wasn’t so short and sweet, but I’m totally counting these words in my 1200 for the day!  Woot Woot!

Come on along and join me in this round of Row 80!  I even signed up to be a sponsor, so don’t leave me hanging here, peeps!

Are you with me?